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Gardner Plumbing

Hello, and welcome to Gardner Plumbing's website!

Waterloo Plumbing

Gardner Plumbing was created to provide the very best service in the Waterloo and Cedar Falls area. Everyone in Eastern Iowa needs plumbing service at one point in time in their life as a homeowner, but they are often angry at the fact that they can’t get the job done right the first time.

That is where Gardner Plumbing makes a difference, in the Waterloo area. Wes Gardner does every job with the knowledge, experience, and attention to detail that you can expect from a Certified Master Plumber. You just can’t find that quality of service with any other company in the Waterloo area!

Reviews for plumbers in Waterloo and the surrounding area don’t lie – Gardner Plumbing is second to none. Any job, any time – Gardner Plumbing gets the job done properly and affordably. If you ask around, you won’t find a more satisfied customer base.

The seasons are always changing dramatically, and in Iowa, that can mean serious issues with your plumbing. Enormous natural fluctuations in temperature and pressure can wreak havoc on your home’s pipes. Gardner Plumbing is dedicated to the latest in plumbing technology and service to fight back against Mother Nature. Being a small business located in La Porte City, Iowa, Gardner Plumbing is able to give the personal service you deserve when someone is working on your home. You aren’t just hiring a plumbing service in Waterloo and Cedar Falls, you are hiring a true partner that will continue to work with you to keep your services running smoothly.

We are here to serve all of Eastern Iowa's plumbing needs. Please contact us to set up an appointment or to get a quote estimate.

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